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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality therapy improves treatment of multiple disorders including eating disorders, claustrophobia, fear of flying disorder, fear of public speaking, social anxiety and many more. At Brain Wellness Centre Calgary, we are using the latest VR therapy to help treat these disorders.

Psious is the 1st Virtual Reality (VR) platform designed for the treatment of anxiety disorders and phobias. The therapeutic modules allow a total immersion, control of the parameters of the exhibition, and the possibility of repetition of the scenes. With VR, you have an extensive catalog with more than 70 therapeutic environments to treat Anxiety, Specific Phobias, Eating Disorders, Relaxation, Mindfulness, Pain Distraction, Psycho-Education, ADHD, OCD, and EMDR.

Virtual reality therapy 1
  • With VR, patients feel safer
  • VR tools adapt to patient's needs
  • Patients can visualize their progress in real-time
  • Much more efficient than traditional methods
Virtual reality therapy 2

At Brain Wellness Centre Calgary, we are certified experts in Psious VR, a technology applied as a therapeutic tool for anxiety disorders and phobias. With the innovative Psious VR tool used in our centre, you will objectively know about your progress in your therapy. Your responses are monitored in real-time as we actively monitor your anxiety levels via biofeedback sensors.

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Virtual reality therapy 4
Virtual reality therapy 5
Virtual reality therapy 6

Virtual reality is validated by over 20 years of clinical research and more than 1500 treatments completed. Book a session with Psious VR immersive technology at Brain Wellness Centre Calgary.

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