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Your Symptoms. Check all that apply

Explosive rage/anger, lashing out

Aggressive, hostile, overly assertive

Agitated, upset, disturbed

Hyper focused, "locked in" on one thing

Nauseous, queasy or upset stomach

Difficulty taking decisions

Spacey, foggy, not "tuned in"

Hyperactive, excessive movement

Inactive, daydreaming, distracted

Impulsive, act without thinking

Feelings easily hurt, overly sensitive

Depressed, hopeless, sad

Cries easily, weepy, prone to tears

Low self-esteem, lacking self-confidence

Unable to plan, organize, or manage time

Difficulties with math

Teeth grinding, jaw clenching, TMJ

Tic (eye, mouth, other) spasms

Migraine headaches

Physical tension in body, taut, tense

Pressure in chest, discomfort in chest

Unpleasant physical sensations, pain

Tension headaches

Crawling sensation on skin, leg twitches

Difficulty grasping new information

Forgetful, difficulty remembering

Difficulty falling asleep

Disturbed sleep, wake often

Gasping for breath

Other (Please explain below)

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