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Motor Vehicle Accident

A Motor Vehicle Accident Assessment investigates the existence, nature and degree of psychological dysfunction that may have resulted directly or indirectly from an individual’s car accident.

Brain Wellness Centre in Calgary offers specialized Motor Vehicle Accident Assessments to children and adults.

After a motor vehicle accident, many individuals experience a significant increase in stressors. These stressors usually include accident-related pain, job loss, financial difficulties, insurance concerns, and limitations in their ability to carry out their regular activities, such as household chores, parenting tasks, or social and recreational interests. They may experience depression, anxiety and fear of driving or being a passenger in a motor vehicle or problems in memory and concentration. A psychological assessment is often beneficial in determining the nature and severity of an individual's accident-related difficulties and whether or not they would benefit from psychotherapy.

Motor Vehicle Accident Assessment
Contact Brain Wellness Centre in Calgary to schedule a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Assessment or Treatment.

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