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Brain Wellness Centre - Depression

Depression is classified as a mood disorder. It may be described as feelings of sadness, loss, or anger that interfere with a person’s everyday activities. People experience depression in different ways. It may interfere with your daily work, resulting in lost time and lower productivity. It can also influence relationships and some chronic health conditions.

There are many different kinds of depression. Early life trauma, loss, and physiological deficiencies in feel good neurotransmitters (such as dopamine and serotonin) are all possibilities as to why depression creeps in. There is not one kind of depression, many are resistant to pharmacological intervention. We can determine, from the EEG and brain map, how unique depressive profiles appear in the brainwaves.

QEEG and Brain Mapping for Treatment of Depression

Due to the variety and causes of depression, a QEEG and report are very helpful for both the patient and the clinician. Once we have identified how your depressive symptoms express, physiologically, we are often successful in treating the origin of your symptoms. By altering the physiology of the depression, the psychology of the individual often follows suit.

We deal with all kinds of conditions at our clinic. However, no one individual is the same, which is why a thorough assessment of what your condition is, is crucial to your success. At Brain Wellness Centre in Calgary, we perform an intake procedure, including a QEEG, to all of our clients to ensure that they are receiving personalized treatment.

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