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Anxiety and Stress

Most people experience stress and anxiety from time to time. Stress is any demand placed on your brain or physical body. People can report feeling stressed when multiple demands are placed on them. Anxiety is a feeling of fear, worry, or unease. Stress and anxiety are not always bad. However, if stress and anxiety begin interfering with your daily life, it may indicate a more serious issue and you may need to seek professional help.

Although not all presentations are the same, anxiety and stress are typically produced by overactive beta brainwaves, which are fast frequencies that are produced on the cortex.

The location of the excessive beta brainwaves will help us to understand the nature of the stress, whether it be the persistent feeling that something’s not right; constant nagging thoughts of negativity, worry, fear, and dread; or feelings of restlessness, unwarranted reactivity, and defensiveness.

Anxiety and Stress Treatment

Anxiety often presents with other conditions, such as depression, PTSD, and other neuroses. There are many reasons why symptoms pair up, and part of our work in QEEG brain mapping and subcortical analyses is to determine where, why and how the various pathologies emerge.

At Brain Wellness Centre in Calgary, we do a comprehensive diagnosis, and form a treatment plan for you, which typically involves diverting power away from the fast brainwaves, and enhancing the deep sleep frequencies. Through neurostimulation and neurofeedback these patterns become learned in the brain, causing a fundamental shift in the baseline operating state.

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