Testing & Treatment for Dyslexia

and Reading Difficulties

A quick and powerful way through the reading struggle...

Cellfield Reading Intervention at the Brain Wellness CEntre in Calgary, Alberta

Why reading is important for your child

In our modern world, strong reading skills are critical for children to succeed in study and to maximize their potential in life. By year 3 children are expected to be reading to learn, rather than learning to read. Reading continues to be difficult for about 30% of children, despite good teaching and additional support. Cellfield offers new hope for those with reading difficulties. s stimulate the entire inner ear, including the parts that positively affect both auditory and motor functions.


Learning to read

While learning to speak is natural, learning to read is not. Children need to use parts of the brain designed for other activities. They must learn to transform what they see into speech - a language code which already has meaning for them.

Neurological Signature for Dyslexia

Non - Impaired Reader

Reader with Dyslexia

Testing & Treatment for Dyslexia and Reading Difficulties. A quick and powerful way through the reading struggle...Brain Wellness Centre Calgary

Why 3 in 10

children have difficulty

learning to read

Brain imaging research shows that poor readers have fewer reading brain circuits and in the wrong places. This makes reading laborious and too slow for good comprehension.


Because these are neurological differences, it is unlikely that the skills required for good reading can quickly be achieved through usual remediation methods alone. A brain plasticity based intervention like Cellfield is required.

Why you need Cellfield

  • Now Cellfield. A world-first brain plasticity based intervention, directly addresses the inefficient neural wiring underlying Dyslexia.
  • Cellfield integrates the parts of the brain required for efficient reading.
  • Cellfield develops and strengthens the left hemisphere brain activity, which good readers use when reading.
  • Cellfield enables reading to become more automatic, increasing both fluency and comprehension.
  • Cellfield delivers results in just weeks.
  • If by Year 3 your child is not able to read age appropriate texts fluently and with understanding, contact your nearest Cellfield provider.


Cellfield gets results fast

Cellfield is a scientific brain plasticity based intervention conducted over three months. This is an intensive intervention which includes:

  • Initial reading assessment
  • 1 O daily clinic based computer sessions and home activities over two weeks
  • 1 O weekly clinic based reading fluency training sessions and home activities over ten weeks.
  • 2 further reading assessments to monitor progress
  • Final written report


Cellfield gets outstanding results

Cellfield participants on average improve ONE to TWO years in reading skills in just 14 days.

There is no other program which can consistently show the same results in such a short time interval.

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